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Rainbow Jewelry - We provide many kinds of delivery methods from China to worldwide. China uses metric weight. For the novice, 1000 grams equals 1 kilo, which is about 2.2 pounds. We are bubble-wrap crazy here. Your treasure arrives on a cushion of air. More than seven shipping options are available and vary in cost and delivery time. Price varies by country where available. Actual charges will be added when your order processed . The deliver depending on the destination, which shipping method you select and how long it takes to clear customs. Other shipping method ,

please contact us !
For the shipping fee list, please check China Postal Rates
The express methods we provide are DHL, UPS, TNT,  FEDEX.

 We also provide postal services such as EMS, AIR MAIL,AIRSTANDBY.

  Besides, we also provide Air Freight (from airport to airport), Ocean shipping (from port to port via container). You can also pick up goods yourself. If you have your own forwarder or account of DHL, UPS, FEDEX. Just choose "pick up goods myself" as delivery method for your order and email us the detailed information about your forwarder or account to ship your goods out.

More Shipping Method as below:


EMS EXPRESS: -  (5-7days) ,It takes in 7 business days. It's the cheapest delivery method. Brought to you by your

                               postal person. Easiest to track online.You donot need pay additional fee.It is a door to door

                               service. We listed our best discounted price on our website .  

AIR MAIL: It takes about two weeks. If below 2Kg, a bit of money can be saved. We listed our best discounted price

                  on our website .  

AIR STANDBY: (2-6 weeks), Cheapest method! Takes long time to arrive. It is a best choice for heavy good in no

                            hurry. You should add $1for Customs Duty. We listed our best discounted price on our website . 


DHL EXPRESS: (2-3days) ,It is very fast and quick Express ,a lillte expensive,meanwhile. If the package more than

                            20Kg,It's the best method.It is a door to door service. You also can track your packages online.

                           We listed our best discounted price on our website .   

UPS EXPEDITED: (2-5days) ,It is very fast, quick Express and good serve. It cost more higher than EMS. It's very

                               valuable,It is a door to door service.You also can track your packages online.

FEDEX: (2-3days) ,It cost more higher than EMS,but It is more fast than EMS.It's very valuable,It is a door to door

              service. You also can track your packages online. 

TNT EXPRESS: (2-7days),It is very fast and quick Express.For some countrys ,it is cheaper than other Express . 

                             it normally takes about 2-7 days .It is a door to door service. You also can track your packages

                             online.  We listed our best discounted price on our website, but not include the

                             MYC(fuel surcharge), it is about 13.5% of the shipping cost.   


AIR FREIGHT: (3-6days) ,Takes about 3-6 days. For goods that more than 45kg, we suggest ship the goods by

                         Air Freight via International Forwarder, It is more cheaper than express . takes about 3-6 days

                        depends on the distance. We selected reliable and competitive air-freight companies to transport

                        goods for our customers. The shipping cost of airfreight is not stable, the price keep changing

                        depends on the oil price and season, also depends on the international airlines. Normally we

                        don't take door to door delivery, we suggest our customers pick up the goods from the

                        Air Port and do custom clearance by themselves, due to door to door delivery will caused high

                       shipping cost.You can use your local Agents to do the custom clearance for you.

OCEAN SHIPPING: (1-2months),If you ordered many goods and the gross weight is above 50kg (Advise more

                                  than 300kg) and you do not need the goods urgently,we suggest you ship the goods via sea

                                  freight. The shipping fee via sea freight is the cheapest. You only need advise us the nearest

                                 international sea port, then we will figure out shipping fee for you. And it takes about 1-2

                                 months to arrive at your local sea port depends on the distance.But to ship by sea freight you

                                 need to pick up goods from your local sea port and need to do custom clearence and pay

                                 some duty etc., as for duty,there are different rules in different Country, if you want to know

                                 detail information, you had better ask your broker.




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